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Hotels and Resorts in Pangasinan

Hotels and Resorts in Pangasinan
Lingayen Beach, Pangasinan, Philippines

Lingayen Beach, located in the capital of Pangasinan Province, is a very relaxing place. With it's long shoreline, pristine waters and cool, fine gray sand, it is fast becoming a destination of Manila residents in search of recreation. The province itself has always been famous because this was the landing site of Gen. Douglas McArthur when he returned to the Philippines to liberate Luzon in 1945. Facilities like picnic sheds and bathhouses were put up by the government about 20 meters away from the shoreline.

El Puerto Marina

El Puerto Marina offers standard rooms with queen-sized bed, crisp linen sheets and tiled flooring. All the rooms are furnished, hot and cold shower with bathroom products. Each room is equipped with individual cooling systems, television and closet. Facilities like ATVs, swimming pool and jacuzzi are also available.

+(63)(075) 5425328
+(63)(075) 5422285
Manila Telephone:
+(63)(02) 8523404
+(63)(0920) 9506822

Lingayen Gulf and Resort

Lingayen Gulf and Resort offers comfortable rooms with TV and a sea view. The resort is located near the beach. Standard rooms can accommodate up to 3 persons. Suites have larger capacity for more guests. Its present incarnation under the stewardship of the Provincial Government has retained much of its old ambiance.

Telephone: +(63)(075) 5425871

Sabangan Beach, Pangasinan, Philippines

Sabangan Beach with it's Umbrella Rocks in Agno is just 28 km. away from Alaminos. It is called Umbrella Rocks because of the fern decorated boulders looking like umbrellas that dot the mouth of the Balingcaguing River. The beach is a good place for swimming, snorkeling and diving because of it's beautiful corals and diverse marine life.

The following are resorts located in the area:

Gloria's Cottages have spacious rooms in cottages on stilts in the sea.
Telephone +(63)(075) 5512673

The Last Resort offers standard and airconditioned rooms, a restaurant and boating facility.
Telephone +(63)(075) 5512440

Maxine By The Sea provides practically furnished rooms. Their beautiful roofed-over patio restaurant is right on the water.
Telephone +(63)(075) 5512537

Vista De Las Islas offers standard and airconditioned rooms with refrigerator. Also has it's own restaurant.
Telephone +(63)(075) 5512492

Punta Riviera Resort, Pangasinan, Philippines

Punta Riviera Resort is an upscale family beach resort located in a unique environmental setting at Ilog Malino, Bolinao, Pangasinan. It is less than an hours travel from Hundred Islands National Park, Alaminos, Pangasinan. The guests are treated for a swim in their magnificent infinity pool. The resort also accepts quality cuisine catering for tours, family reunions, weddings and business conventions for up to 300 persons.

+(63)(075) 6961350
+(63)(075) 6961274

Hundred Islands National Park, Pangasinan, Philippines

It is the foremost tourist destination in the province of Pangasinan in northern Philippines. It is a five-hour drive north of Manila passing through Pampanga, Tarlac, and finally to Alaminos. The jump-off point is the town of Lucap. From the wharf, it is just a short 20-minute boat ride to the islands.With over a hundred little islets sprinkling a vast area of some 1,844 hectares of calm and clear blue waters. One can practically have an island all to oneself! But not all islands in the park are ideal for swimming and picnics. Only a few have white sandy beaches. Most are rock-solid but with lush green plants and vegetation, some trees, some even have caves!

Three of the most popular islands are the Quezon Island, Governor's Island and the Children's Island. Aside from the islands themselves, caves abound at the Hundred Islands. Today, up to ten caves have been identified and some were named based on some myths, legends and the stone formation. One would be enthralled at the giant clams locally called "taklobo" which is being considered to be the biggest bivalve mollusks in the world. The waters of the Hundred Islands is home to coral reefs which shelter, feed and protect sea creatures in the park. They also aid the islets in protecting the city's coast from the impact of waves.

The Hundred Islands Resort Hotel in Barangay Lucap, City of Alaminos, is servicing visitors to the Hundred Island, it is a Dept. of Tourism accredited hotel in the area. Offers 20 deluxe and standard rooms with TV and airconditioning, with round-the-clock hot and cold water service.

+(63)(075) 5515753
+(63)(075) 5515754

Cape Bolinao Beach, Pangasinan, Philippines

The white beach in Barangay Patar has a fresh water source nearby believed to be an outlet of an underground river. Here, the surf is wilder as it hits the boulders along the shore. The landmark is the old lighthouse that stands on a hill. The tourism infrastructure is not well developed but the locals are very helpful to tourists. As many of its inhabitants are fishermen, Bolinao is also a paradise for seafood gourmets.

Update (12-01-07):
Bolinao is a little town north-west of Lucap, which hasn't been overrun by tourists yet, at the far north end of the province of Pangasinan.

Dutch Beach Resort in Patar offers pleasantly furnished small cottages with refrigerators, situated in a garden directly on the beach. A restaurant is also available.

Cellphone: +(63)(0920) 7869037

Puerto del Sol Beach Hotel is located about 10 km west of Bolinao, on the way to Patar. They have an attractive, two-storey building with comfortable rooms, all with refrigerators and TVs. Other amenities include a restaurant, swimming pool and a jacuzzi.

+(63)(0918) 5192147
+(63)(0920) 9507105
+(63)(0920) 9527475
Bolinao Telephone:
+(63)(075) 6960530
Manila Telephone:
+(63)(02) 6378963
+(63)(02) 6352547
+(63)(02) 6315103

Villa Carolina Beach Resort offers bungalows, duplex rooms, cabanas, and thatched huts. Amenities include a billiard table, mini garden, barbeque area and a "Venetian" inspired swimming pool that has cascading waterfalls and a connecting Jacuzzi on the other side.

+(63)(0921) 6983340
+(63)(0921) 3362827

Tambobong Beach, Pangasinan, Philippines

Located in the municipality of Dasol, province of Pangasinan. The 18 kms distance from the town proper will take about 45 minutes to an hour of rough yet scenic drive. A white sand beach with water that teems with marine life. A favorite site of anglers and scuba divers.

Update (12-05-07):
Tambobong is still untouched by foreign tourists, and is still a hidden paradise. Also in the vicinity of Tambobong are islands worth visiting not only for the seclusion of secret coves, but also for unique geographical wonders.


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Pangasinan defers declaration of state of calamity

Pangasinan defers declaration of state of calamity
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LINGAYEN, Pangasinan, (PNA) - Save by the bell.

This literally happened when heavy downpour came as the provincial board, in a special session last August 9, was about to declare a state of calamity for the province due to the prolonged dry spell in Northern Luzon.

This prompted Provincial Board Member Jeremy Agerico Rosario to withdraw his resolution, saying his proposed measure was already overtaken by events.

That was not the first big rain felt in the province this August. In fact, it had been raining since August 5.

But admittedly the hardest happened last August 9, when several low-lying areas like Sta. Barbara, were reeling under the threat of flood.

The proposed resolution placing the province under the state of calamity was filed by Rosario at the request of Gov. Amado Espino Jr.

Espino earlier made the request due to a very discouraging report from the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPAG) that only half of the total rice land in Pangasinan has been planted due to shortage of water.

Philippine News Agency

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Pangasinan 2007 Election Result

Some result of the Pangasinan 2007 election

Pangasinan Governor Amado Espino Jr.
Vice-Governor Marilyn Primicias Agabas

Congressman 1st District Arthur Celeste
Congressman 2nd District Jose De Venecia
Congressman 3rd District Ma. Rachel Jimenez Arenas
Congressman 4th District Jose de Venecia Jr.
Congressman 5th District Mark Cojuangco
Congressman 6th District Conrado Estrella III

Board Members
1st District Danilo Dizon and Alicia Pulido
2nd District Von Mark Mendoza and Nestor Reyes
3rd District Romeo Dadacay and Angel Baniqued
4th District Jeremy Agerico Rosario and Liberato Villegas
5th District Charissma Salud Carancho and Danilo Uy
6th District Tyrone Agabas and Alfonso Bince Jr.